Self Defense Legal Issues – Can You Be Prosecuted For Self Defense?

He was hiking up a trail in Coconino County Arizona in 2004 when suddenly a growling dog charged down the path running straight towards him. He quickly pulled his handgun and fired a round in the ground. The dog then retreated to safety, then suddenly an angry man came running down the trail threatening to kill him. Claiming self defense he fired three shots killing the attacking man. He was hiking up a trail in Coconino County Arizona in 2004 when suddenly a growling dog charged down the path running straight towards him. He quickly pulled his handgun and fired a round in the ground. The dog then retreated to safety, suddenly an angry man came running down the trail waiving his arms threatening to kill him. Claiming self defense he fired three shots killing the attacking man. This case received national attention, since carrying a handgun is not illegal in Arizona many viewed this as a text book legal use of deadly force. However, prosecutors disagreed and charged the shooter with 2nd degree murder. He was later convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. This is a common misunderstanding. The vast majority of Americans does not understand the legal issues involved in the use of force for self defense. There have been thousands prosecuted for unwarranted force used in their self defense. Most were completely shocked when they were charged with a crime. Even if they were not convicted, the cost from their legal expenses and the trauma from prosecution leave many bitter and resentful of our legal system. This is a complex legal issue that very few not trained in the law comprehend, even trained Police Officers have been charged with the unnecessary use of force, and some are in jail. A friend of mine recently explained that if someone attempted to climb in his window in daytime or night. he would shoot them. I explained to him that even soldiers in combat have rules of engagement. It is foolhardy to assume that civilians have carte blanch permission to use any means of self defense. It is important that we realize that the threat of danger or preventing crimes do not necessarily legally warrant the use of deadly force. Legally, the use of lethal force in an unlawful situation is a reason for prosecution. It doesn’t matter if the person actually dies. Legal Use of Deadly Force Although the laws in your state may not be exactly the same basically most are unified in this fundamental concept. You can only use deadly force in self defense for protection from serious bodily harm or death. This law also would provide for the protection of others. If someone attacked you with a lethal weapon you can use deadly force, on the other hand, if someone attacks you with their hands only in rare occasions would you be allowed to use deadly force. For example, you are beaten badly, and the assailant refuses to stop. Legal Use of Non Lethal Force Using non lethal self defense weapons for protection are the more reasonable approach in most situations. It is highly unlikely you will ever be charged with any crime if you use them in your defense, this includes in the few states where they are banned. The only exception might be if you started an altercation and used the weapon. However, if you did not initiate the attack, using non lethal self defense weapons would be most likely allowed. So if you want to stay out of jail the wise choice would be to use nonlethal weapons, unless protecting yourself or others from serious injury or death.

Self Defense – Can Civilians Benefit From Military Self Defense?

The use of military self defense over the last decade has skyrocketed. Many people attribute this to the creation of MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program). A large number of former soldiers and instructors have been promoting the benefits of a military-style self defense curriculum over learning traditional martial arts. This has not only increased civilian awareness, but also provided easier access to this style of self defense. However, many people are still left wondering about how beneficial learning this really is. Here is a quick look at the 3 disciplines of MCMAP (mental, character, and physical) and how they can benefit the average person. The mental aspect of MCMAP studies does not necessarily directly translate over to the civil world. However, a modified curriculum could prove very advantageous in regards to self defense. In the marines, soldier study issues like Warrior Studies and Martial Culture Studies. This includes studying cultures such as the Spartans, Zulu, and Marine Raiders. While this doesn’t directly help the average person, there are some aspects of the discipline that could. The overall goal of this discipline is to teach tactical/strategic decision making, situational awareness, and risk management. With an altered curriculum, these goals can be very useful for the average person learning military self defense. The second discipline of MCMAP is character. This discipline is based around core values, good citizenship, and ethics. Studying and understanding these issues can be very useful for the average person. In fact, an MCMAP instructor can fail a marine is they do not demonstrate intangibles such as honor and commitment. When learning self defense, understanding and following a set value system that emphasizes good citizenship can be a benefit to everyone. By learning this type of information, it is much easier for the average person to asses a situation and decide how much force is necessary to ward off an attacker. The final discipline of MCMAP is physical. The marines rely on a variety of different skills when learning military self defense. This includes ground fighting, grappling, and close quarters combat (including hand to hand combat). It also emphasizes improving overall strength and endurance. There are a variety of benefits that the average person can gain from improving their overall physical condition as well as learning how to safely defend themselves in a wide variety of situations. The techniques that are taught in MCMAP vary greatly in degrees of force and lethality. This includes a large number of non-lethal techniques that anyone can use for self defense. It is no surprise that learning military self defense has become more popular over the last decade. MCMAP is an excellent balance of physical and mental preparation that everyone can benefit from learning. Self defense in all about protecting yourself from an attacker and all three disciplines of MCMAP can make this easier. While learning martial arts will always be a part of the civilian world, the group of individuals that opting to benefit from military-style self defense courses continues to grow.

Karate classes for your kids

Since time immemorial martial arts has been a technique to channelize ones natural aggression and use it for self defense. It’s just not a self defense technique but a way of life. It has proved beneficial for many people around the world to live life in a new way. Various techniques have been developed in China, India, Japan and Europe. The training and practice of any of the techniques should start from a young age. This is the time the kids grasping power are at its best and can be tapped to make him learn karate or any other technique.

Karate is a martial art technique developed in Japan and since its inception it has been a source of gathering knowledge of one own abilities. It is a technique where a child is taught self discipline and controlling his aggression. This aggression is channeled by the karate master to help the child develop sharp senses and self awareness. It can be a great source of motivation and self discipline for your kids. Some parents think that it is a form of violence and their kids will become violent. But the truth really is that the kids become more sensitive and are able to control their emotions in adverse situations.

In a recent study it has been established that children suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show remarkable progress in fighting such disorders when they start taking these karate lessons. The continued practice of this technique helps the children to increase the attention span and concentrate better. These classes can be taken from special karate schools or gymnasiums in the New Jersey area.

These classes are also good for your kids as he will also learn to respect people and socialize with kids of different age. It will be a place for him to learn the importance of friendship and hopefully will make some new friends. Kids also learn how to defend themselves, which is a good thing.

Your kid can choose to learn Judo, Jujitsu or Karate at a gym in New Jersey and you will see after every successive lesson your kid will become sharper and healthier. Common ailments won’t affect him and his appetite will increase. What else do you want for your kids? They are learning a technique by which they can defend themselves, their attention span will increase, they will have more self discipline, kids will learn to socialize and will be more fit. Choose the best gym, fitness center or school which has all the facilities.

Jayhawks Win NCAA Championship Title

Kansas defeated Memphis in an amazing overtime victory to win the 2008 NCAA men’s college basketball championship.

Kansas overcame Memphis in a miraculous comeback in the championship game, 75-68. Trailing by 9 points in the last 2 minutes of regulation, Kansas tied the score on Mario Chalmers’ long 3 point shot with 2.1 seconds remaining. This was their first NCAA championship victory in 2 decades.

This was only the second loss of the year for the Tigers. They seem to have it in the bag with a strong second half performance. Derric Rose scored 15 of the 17 points for the Tigers, putting them in the lead.
They have been plagued by foul-shooting most of the year.

The Jayhawks claimed their 3rd NCAA championship title, continuing the momentum from Chalmers’ shot into overtime, scoring the first 6 points. Douglas-Roberts scored 22 points, hit a trey with less than a minute left, cutting the Kansas’ lead to 3 points at 71-68. Chalmers then hit a pair of free throws. There was only one game in the Elite 8 that was decided by less than 10 points. Both Final Four match-ups involving only Number 1 seeds were one sided.

The free throw line is an unthreatening place. No one challenges a shooter as he offers up 15 foot shots. The Jayhawks dominated this area, converting 13 consecutive foul shots down the stretch. They finished the night 14 for 15 from the line.

Free throw shooting is the one area that tormented the tigers all year, even as they were setting a single season NCAA record for victories. They were 12 of 19 from the line for the game. The costly 1 for 5 effort down the stretch in regulation was on account of their 2 top players, Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas-Roberts.

It was a great game with a great finish. Kansas had so many great plays, including Chalmers, their best clutch player made a great clutch play at the end. He got himself in position for the game tying 3 after Sherron Collins worked his way through the Memphis defense.

Memphis scored points quickly and performed well. However, Kansas fought the good fight and prevailed. Brandon Rush kept Douglas-Roberts under control even though he scored 22 points. Russell Robinson and Collins were all over Rose most of the game. Simeon finished with 18 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds. However, he shot 7 for 17 overall and 1 for 6 on 3 pointers while committing 5 turnovers. Darrell Arthur scored 20 points and 10 rebounds for the Jayhawks and Darnell Jackson had 8 and 8. They had their way in the blocks and their defense limited Memphis to 40.3% shooting overall.

Memphis’ own defense was equally stout which was why the led by 9 with only 2 minutes remaining. However, then came a steal by Collins, a jumper by Arthur, a 3 pointer by Collins and suddenly Kansas was only down 4. Douglas-Roberts made 2 free throws, as did Chalmers, which is when things went bad for Memphis.

With 1:15 left on the clock, Douglas-Roberts missed the front end of a 1 and 1. Arthur dropped a right baseline jumper. Douglas-Roberts missed a pair and then with 10.8 seconds remaining, Rose missed his first of 2 shots but made the next. This left the door open for the Jayhawks. Chalmers took a pass from Collins and hit the 3 that sent the game into overtime. Rose finished with 18 points on 7 of 17 shooting with 6 rebounds and 8 assists.

Holistic Protection and Defense from the Swine Flu

As of April 28, 2009, there are 66 confirmed cases of the swine flu in the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In addition, besides Mexico, cases have been reported in Spain, Scotland and Canada.

Has the swine-flu virus pandemic got you worried? Do you know how to protect yourself and your family from getting this vigorous mutant flu virus? What if you get it, what can you do to boost your ability to recover? What about flu shots? Knowing that most of them contain mercury, should you set aside the mercury concern in favor of protection from this virus? What about the Tamiflu drug? Should you set aside concern about its side effects?

On April 27, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the alert level for the swine-flu to Phase 4. This means there is sustained human-to-human transmission causing outbreaks in at least one country. Knowing your options and implementing them are essential since this is an especially virulent flu with a combination of pig, bird and human viruses. (This begs the question: “Is this a man-made biological weapon?”) The following are my recommendations for adults and children.


For prevention, use the following dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplement recommendations:

1. Have the recommended total of 9 servings of vegetables and fruits per day. These foods contain many essential vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients for proper immune system function. If you cannot realistically eat 9 servings of vegetables and fruits, you must supplement with some type of “green drink”. Many of these contain dehydrated concentrated vegetables and fruits, chlorophyll, and beneficial algae. You can purchase the various brands of powdered drink mixes at a local health food store or various online nutritional supplement stores.
2. Avoid table sugar, sugary foods, and all artificially-sweetened foods at all cost. These significantly suppress your immune system function. Ditto all artificial colors and flavorings.
3. Get plenty of sleep, and get in bed by 10 pm at night at the latest. The hormones melatonin and growth hormone, in particular, are released primarily at night during deep sleep and have many very powerful recuperative and restorative benefits. You can use supplemental phosphatidylserine to lower night time cortisol levels to help you sleep. A combination of the amino acids arginine, ornithine, glutamine and lysine taken before bedtime can also help boost night time growth hormone release. This combination is best used under the supervision of a trained functional health care doctor, especially if you are on any prescription or non-prescription medicines.
4. Exercise regularly to help support proper immune system function.
5. Get enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D in a dose of at least 4000 IU per day is necessary for most adults for proper immune system function. Vitamin D is also made by the skin through exposure to sunlight, particularly UVB radiation in sunlight. The people with more deeply pigmented skin, such as Blacks, Latinos, etc., require more time of direct sunlight exposure to make adequate Vitamin D through the skin. In the late spring or summer, if you have less than 15 minutes of direct sun exposure (without sunscreen) with at least your face, arms and legs exposed for 4 days each week, then you need to supplement with Vitamin D to get the required amount. A glass of milk only has 100 IU of Vitamin D. You would have to drink 40 glasses of milk each day to get enough Vitamin D from milk! We all know that is not going to happen.
6. Get enough Vitamin A. The mucosal barriers of the digestive, respiratory and urinary tracts need sufficient Vitamin A for proper immune system response to the flu. Dietary Vitamin A from free range eggs, grass fed and free range dairy products and many fruits high in Vitamin A are essential. Those not getting enough Vitamin A must supplement to get 2500 to 5000 IU per day, with 10,000 IU mixed carotenes. Pregnant women should get no more than 4000 IU Vitamin A per day, but may take the higher amount of mixed carotenes.
7. Take colostrum. Colostrum is an excellent immune system stimulant. Colostrum contains numerous factors that stimulate the immune system and help to prevent illness. Immunoglobulin A (IgA) coats the intestinal lining preventing attack by pathogens. Colostrum helps keep IgA at healthy levels.
8. Take mushroom extracts. Various types of mushrooms have significant immune stimulating effects. Each contains high percentages of polysaccharides, long chain sugar molecules that regulate immunity. They stimulate antibodies and activate white blood cells. The most helpful mushroom extracts are Reishi (ganoderma), Maitake (grifola), and shiitake (lentinus). You can often get mushroom formulations for immune system support at a local health food store or an online nutritional supplement store.
9. Take additional zinc. Zinc has beneficial immune-protective properties. Use supplemental zinc glycinate in a dose of about 15 mg/day with about 1.5 mg copper for prevention.
10. Take Omega-3 fatty acid supplements in the form of fish oil capsules or liquid fish oil. This helps establish healthy cell membranes that prevent inflammation, resist toxins and help prevent attack by pathogens. Between 4 to 6 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids per day is recommended.
11. As a preventive measure (or if you are exposed to the flu), use the homeopathic medicine Influenzinum (in 9C, 12C, or 30C dilutions). Follow the dosage specified on the container. In the U.S, as of April 28, 2009 the states where cases of this flu have been reported by the CDC are California, New York, Texas, Ohio and Kansas. Using this homeopathic as a preventive option is especially judicious for anyone in these states. You can get this at your local health food store or at various online nutritional supplement stores.
12. If you have taken any antibiotics or used any corticosteroid containing drugs or creams, or used any antacids within the last 5 years and have not replenished your system with a dose of at least 15 to 20 billion of the beneficial bacteria (various lactobacillus and bifidobacter strains) for at least 2 months, you must immediately do so!
13. Get mercury-free flu shots. Sanofi Pasteur makes one that is mercury-free.

In addition, consider getting chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture to help support healthy immune system function (due to the beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system).

If you get this flu, do the following:

1. If you are still able to eat, try to eat easily digested vegetable soups or stews with some chicken or lamb. You can also use some powdered green drink mixes mentioned earlier to get the necessary vitamins and minerals into your system.
2. Additional selenium is recommended in fighting viral infections. The normal dose is 200 mcg but you can go as high as 1,000 mcg for short -term use. Here’s one reference for this.
3. Take up to 300,000 IU per day (except for pregnant women and children) of Vitamin A for short-term use for optimal mucous membrane function.
4. Take 10,000 to 20,000 IU per day of Vitamin D (short term use).
5. Take Vitamin C. It decreases histamine release. Viral infections stimulate release of histamine, which is immunosuppressive. Dosage should be as high as bowel tolerance. In other words, as high as you are able take just before you get runny stools. This varies for each person, but for many, it is between 4000 to 8000 mg.
6. Take mushroom extracts. There are some very good brands of mixed mushroom extracts that you can get from many local health food stores or online nutritional supplement stores that are pre-formulated for immune system support.
7. Take zinc capsules or lozenges. Zinc has potent immune protective effects. Use 25-30 mg of zinc per day, in the form of zinc glycinate. Note that if you take above 20 mg of zinc per day for an extended period of time, you will also need to take copper to prevent a deficiency. A good zinc to copper ratio is 10:1. For most cases, you should get a supplement that contains both.
8. Take Myer’s Intravenous Cocktails three days in a row. These are a combination of nutrients delivered intravenously (IV) that have been used for the last 50 years. It is named after the physician John Myers from Maryland who treated many patients with this IV nutrient combination with good results. Many functional medicine centers across the country often use this. You must have this performed by a knowledgeable doctor. Most conventional doctors are not even aware of this. Learn more about this here. To find a doctor who is trained in functional medicine visit:
9. If you are well enough to get to your local chiropractor for an adjustment a few times during the course of this flu, by all means do so. Acupuncture is also highly beneficial.
10. I highly recommend consulting a functional medicine physician. To find one in your area, see item 8 above.

Options for Children

All the recommendations for adults can be beneficial for children with adjustments in dosages based on the child’s age and size.

Regarding Vitamin D, for sustaining proper immune system function, infants need at least 1,000 IU of Vitamin D and older children need at least 2,000 IU. For acute infections you can go up to 6000 IU on a short term.

Regarding Omega-3 fatty acids, 1 to 2 grams per day is recommended for children under 12 years old.

Children respond particularly well to chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.

My Final Comments

Worrying or panicking benefits no one. Keeping informed and taking action to protect yourself and your family are essential at this time.

If you or someone you know have questions about non-pharmaceutical, effective evidence-based natural immune boosting and flu prevention options, do not hesitate to contact us. For those interested in purchasing the supplements, we can recommend online stores that carry high-quality products with some at a significant discount.

2012 Most Improved NFL AFC Teams

Every year, the NFL sees a cellar dweller from the prior year’s campaign rises up from the ashes and shocks the public with a sudden boon of proficiency. Figuring out who that team might be before it happens is nearly impossible, mostly because team chemistry and confidence don’t show up on paper. Nevertheless, year in and out, we idiots try like hell to wipe the film off our crystal ball and, with careful analysis, get the edge over the random, dart-throwing mouth-breathers.

However, this time around, I’m not going to pronounce my most-likely-to-succeed. Instead, I’ve identified a handful of teams that bettered themselves the most in the off-season and hope that one of them on the list gels so I can finally prove that thorough examination of the facts consistently beats dumb luck and gut feelings.


After a strong offseason, there’s genuine optimism in Buffalo for the first time in over a decade. Despite a second half collapse, the Bills showed flashes in 2011 that justified the hope for semi-resurgence. With the addition of $100M Super Mario, the Bills have assembled a very high-profile pass rush (on paper). While Shawne Merriman, Mario Williams and first round pick CB Stephon Gilmore give the defense some much needed swagger, the offense was also bolstered with the addition of NC State’s WR T.J. Graham and the return of injured Marcus Easley at the wideout spot.

Though QB Vince Young has been an inconsistent commodity throughout his career, the prevailing opinion is that if he were to succeed in any NFL offense, Chan Gailey’s spread is the absolute best fit. If QB Ryan Fitzgerald’s physical limitations surface again in 2012, don’t be surprised to see more of Vince in the mix.

From a fantasy perspective, the Bills two best options remain the versatile RB Fred Jackson and the unpredictable WR Stevie Johnson. Though RB CJ Spiller had bursts in 2011, he’s still going to play second fiddle to the most underrated back in the AFC. Which WR steps up to play opposite Johnson is the biggest question mark this year – and we’re banking on the talented Easley. David Nelson will fill the slot role again. Nelson’s solid play made Roscoe Parrish expendable. He proved to be a favorite Fitz target last year and is a good sleeper for the later rounds.


Arguably, no team was hit harder by injuries in 2011 than Kansas City. The early loss of a star collection of players to knee injury (RB Jamaal Charles, S Eric Berry and TE Tony Moeaki) set the tone for the rest of the year.

While we remain skeptical about QB Matt Cassell’s moxie as a starting QB in the NFL, there is no denying that he’s heads and shoulders better than the fiasco that was Tyler Palko. Todd Haley’s stubbornness to stick with Palko, arguably the worst QB to ever start in the 21st century, ultimately led to his departure. With Romeo Crennel taking over the coaching reins, there will be a much greater emphasis on the run and KC will have an impressive thunder and lighting ensemble with Peyton Hillis and Jamal Charles. They fortified that attack even further with the addition of veteran tackle Eric Winston, coming over from Houston.

Even though there’s a lot of ability at WR, with Jon Baldwin and Dwayne Bowe, but both lack discipline and don’t give the Chiefs the consistency they need at the position. At the time this was written, Bowe still had not reported to camp. The staff hopes that rookie WR Devon Wylie (Fresno) can add the much needed element of speed to the unit. Wylie is a Wes Welker replica and should thrive in the slot. He might be worth a flyer in late fantasy rounds – especially in dynasty leagues.

The real strength of the team is on the other side of the ball. With one of the better defenses in the league, the acquisition of former first rounder and veteran Stanford Routt, from rival Oakland, really fortifies the defensive backfield. And, though some say drafting NT Dontari Poe (Memphis) was a reach at number 11 overall, his formidable size will quickly help shore up the run defense.

The bottom line is that Kansas City brings a load of talent back to the playing field. They finished 7-9 in 2011 with a good part of their roster on IR. With the much-respected Crennel back in charge, we expect the Chiefs to compete for the division title.